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Our approach is designed to address contemporary challenges facing the Jewish community. Together, we are building a safer and more secure future. Here is a summary of our programs. 


Media Accountability

Funding initiatives focused on countering misinformation and false narratives in the media that fuel Antisemitism and Antisemitic hate crimes.

Personal Defense Program (PDP)

PDP provides and facilitates free and subsidized self-defense training to enhance individual and community safety of those at risk of Antisemitic hate crimes. 

Jewish Defense Incubator (JeDI) Grant Program

The JeDI Grant Program empowers individuals and communities to organize their own self-defense workshops, broadening our impact and achieving greater community reach. 

Community Shield

Community protection and safety enhancement measures. Security assistance in critical situations where Jewish communities are at risk, providing both financial and logistical support. 


We champion key issues affecting the security of the Jewish community.

Legal Action Initiative

Legal Action is focused on ensuring adherence to anti-discrimination laws. This initiative aims to foster a zero-tolerance environment for Antisemitism and discourage institutional compliance with hate speech. 

Never Again Is Now

Help Us Defend Our Community

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